A Majestic Hotel – The Hydro Majestic

Lounge Bar Hydro Majestic Medlow Bath Front
This week, with the weather cold having turned cold and July well and truly upon us, it seemed the perfect time to turn attention to a popular, Winter, holiday destination for Sydneysiders. Although many choose to go to the Snowy Mountains, others head to the Blue Mountains to enjoy the Yulefest activities which have become so popular. One of the more iconic homes of Yulefest is the beautiful Hydro Majestic Hotel at Medlow Bath, which is pictured in the beautiful postcard image above.
The Hydro Majestic in Medlow Bath is an iconic Australian hotel, known for its beautiful art deco style. The history of the hotel dates back to 1901 when Mark Foy sold some of his shares in Mark Foy’s Department Stores. He wanted to use the funds to create what would be Australia’s first health retreat. In 1903, construction on the hotel began with a beautiful and thoroughly modern hotel being created. It even had a steam generator to produce electricity for the hotel and local town – which meant Medlow Bath had electricity before Sydney! The hotel was not just to be a modern luxury resort though, it was a health resort, and Mr Foy hired Dr George Baur to design various treatments and diets for the visitors. Baur had previously worked at health retreats in Switzerland.
In 1904, during a massive snow storm, the Hydro Majestic officially opened. A group of special guests travelled by train to Penrith and from there in a fleet of Mr Foy’s motor cars. They were entertained in the grand Casino Ballroom (with the beautiful dome), strolled along the picture gallery, visited a magnificent collection of art drain from around the world and ate in the Grand Dining Room, looking out over the amazing valley vista. Although the art gallery and amazing collection of artworks were destroyed by fire in 1922, many of the beautiful features of the hotel can still be enjoyed today, though the dining room looks a little different to what we see in the image above!

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