Why Dee Why?

Panorama At Dee Why NSW Front

The image above, a happy snap featured on a postcard, is an amazing glimpse of Dee Why, a place which has long been a popular beachside suburb. Dee Why, with its well established beach culture and pristine beaches, has long been a popular destination for beachgoers. Yet few spare a thought for the history of the area.

There is one question however which many who visit the area often contemplate – why Dee Why?Yet the answer to this question is actually something of a mystery. The earliest known record of the name Dee Why is from 1815, when surveyor James Meehan noted in his field book that he was at Dy Beach. Just to confuse the issue though, he wasn’t at the Dee Why Beach we all know and love today, but at Freshwater Beach. At the time, Meehan suggested that the name might have originated from the Aboriginal word for the area, while others since have suggested it represents the shape of the lagoon at Dee Why. The truth of the matter though is that we will never actually know how the area came to be called Dee Why.